General and particular conditions

Article 1 – Visits.

Reservation is obligatory at least six working days before the date of the visit.
Bookings made less than 6 days before the date of the visit may not be guaranteed. In this case, we will inform you.

The reservation is made on the site via Guides 1815 / Reservations

A reservation by telephone +32 473 18 07 91 is sometimes possible but takes more time.

All reservations must indicate the number of visitors, the name and contact details of the person in charge of the group, the date and the time, the language of the guided tour and the proposed visit.
A “guided tour contract” clearly showing the details of the reservation will be offered with the instructions for payment.

Article 2 – Rates

Our rates are those which are indicated on this page

Article 3 – Methods of payment

Unless specifically agreed by the Manager, the fee must be paid in advance.

Payment may be made by:

  • Secure online payment “via the Ogone site”(Credit card)
  • Payment by bank transfer without charges for the addressee.

IBAN BE04 0011 6192 7331
of “Guides 1815 asbl”
In this case, the total amount of the tour must be in our account at least 5 days before the date of the visit.

The number of the visit will be noted in either free or structured communication.

On confirmation of your reservation, an invoice may be sent to you.

Entry fee will be paid directly at the cash point of the site visited by the head of the group on the day of the visit. (Bank Terminal available)

Article 4 – Special Conditions.

Any delay will reduce the length of the visit.
Any unannounced delay of more than 60 minutes will be considered as a cancellation. The guide may leave the point of rendezvous and a forfeit of 30.00€ will be charged.

In the case of a cancellation by the client, it is requested that notice be given at least TWO working days before the date of the visit.
In this case the amounts paid will be totally reimbursed.
Late cancellations causing the unnecessary presence of a guide or guides will result in an invoice of 30€ in compensation per guide.
In the case of cancellation by asbl Guides 1815 the amounts paid will be totally reimbursed.

Payment security:
Payment by internet is secure: Your payment will be made on the site of Ogone, which is the leader in multi-channel payment services.

Article 5 – Sale to tourism professionals.

After agreement and signature of a contract between tourism professionals and asbl Guides 1815 relevant vouchers will be accepted.

To facilitate this exchange the professional will furnish a specimen of the voucher. An invoice is created every month and sent to the professional. This invoice is payable at its reception.