Pass 1815 ?

6 attractions and museums bring the historic day of 18th June 1815 to life.
Buy The “Pass 1815″, which is the combined ticket for the Battlefield, at a very attractive price.
»» Butte du Lion
»» Mémorial 1815
»» Panorama
»» Ferme de Hougoumont
Available at the differents museums or Here

Where are the principal museums ?

– The Memorial – on the site of the battlefield. Exit 25 from the Brussels’ Ring (Butte du Lion)
– The Wellington Museum – in the main street of the town of Waterloo (4 kms. north of the battlefield)
Napoleon’s Headquarters – 4 kms. south of the battlefield on the main road to Charleroi (N5)
See map and below for exact addresses

ARRIVING BY CAR Where can I park ?

The Visitors’ Centre has several large free car parks.
There is a large free car park behind the Wellington museum in Waterloo – access from Avenue Reine Astrid. Bus passengers can alight directly in front of the museum.
Napoleon’s Headquarters also has a free car park.

ARRIVING BY TRAIN AND BUS Which train ? Which bus ?

From the three principal Brussels stations trains to Nivelles stop at Waterloo and certain trains to Charleroi stop at Waterloo and all stop at Braine l’Alleud.

To the Battlefield ( Visitors’ Centre ): We advise you not to go to the station of Waterloo, which is 5 km away from the battlefield. We recommend you to go to the station of BRAINE-L’ALLEUD, which is very much near the battlefield. More, the trains from Brussels to Braine-l’Alleud are direct and take only 14 minutes from Midi Station or 18 minutes from Central Station. It is the line to Charleroi. The journey from Brussels to Waterloo takes 30 minutes because the train stops everywhere. From Braine l’Alleud station take the bus (outside the station) (LIGNE W) to the Route du Lion stop (5 minutes – 1.40 €), and there is then 400 meters to walk. Or you can take a taxi.

To the Wellington Museum: Waterloo station is 1 km from the Wellington museum in the centre of town – no direct bus link ! – so continue on foot along the rue de la Station. Opposite the Wellington museum you can take a bus (LIGNE W) to the battlefield (alight at Route du Lion stop)

From Brussels it is possible to take Bus 365 direct to Waterloo.
More : Maison du tourisme de Waterloo

OPENING HOURS Battlefield ?

From April to October 9.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
From November to March 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Hameau du lion
Musée Wellington


Memorial: Route du Lion 315; 1410 Waterloo. (50°40’46″N – 4°24’20″E) Tel: +32 2 385 19 12
Hougoumont: Chemin du Goumont 1420 Braine l Alleud (50°40″15″N – 4°23″39″E) Tél. : +32 2 385 38 55
Wellington museum: Chaussée de Bruxelles 147 ; 1410 Waterloo. Tel : +32 2 357 28 60
Napoleon’s headquarters: Chaussée de Bruxelles 66; 1422 Vieux-Genappe. Tel :+32 2 384 24 24
Maison du Tourisme : Chaussée de Bruxelles 218 ; 1410 Waterloo. Tel :+32 2 352 09 10

Please indicate the appropriate address to your bus driver


If you think you may arrive late please telephone the address above where you arranged to meet your guide.